What are the Major Differences between IOS and Android App Development?

The world of application development is diverse and vast. Firstly, it is due to the new mobile companies that make use of app developers. IOS and Android give their applications to smartphones for big bucks but also recognition. However, we know the apps through their nature and usage. But developers do a lot to bring these apps to our screens. They go through coding, languages, programming, and constant maintenance. Thus, there arise big problems and tasks for them. However, if you are looking for an app development company in Belgium then Thoughtlabs is recommended to get a functional app for both operating systems IOS and Android. We will consider how these two development platforms differ. And which lacks in comparison. 

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  1. Audience Reach 

There is no doubt that Android reaches more customers and end-users. A big reason is diverse smartphones that incorporate this application platform. The apps on this setup are easy to access and differ from each other. In essence, a single topic contains dozens of apps on Android. However, iOS carries importance to loyal customers. Apple has the best fan base and their app store shows it. The applications on iOS are less in quantity than the Android ones. But the revenue that app developers receive is great in iOS. In terms of revenue, Android carries a big share in the market. 

  1. Languages 

Developers have to consider programming languages at best. Each language brings benefits and difficulties such as coding and syntax. In essence, different platforms prefer specific sets of languages. Hence, application developers give their say and their preference likewise. The android platform uses Java in good quantity. However, the Java language Android developers use is not the standard one. C++ and Kotlin also find usage in the Android world. iOS allows Objective-C language at the highest priority. However, Swift is another introduction in 2014 to the family. Apple offers this language for apps that get on their app store. 

  1. Development Tools 

Another important decision is to select the development tool for building applications. If you select between Android and iOS, then other steps will remain permanent for you. But if you are a new entrant, you can decide through different factors. Every app developer works with unique development tools. These depend on the platform they select and the languages they use. For example, Android makes use of Android Studio by Google. This is the primary and the only development tool that you couple with Java. For iOS developers, XCode is a tool to get used to. In essence, Swift users can only utilize XCode due to Apple’s restrictions. 

  1. Development Cost 

Where app development is ideal is that there is no cost to start. Thus, all you need is a skill and good coding technique to start your work. Both the platforms offer free development at the start. In addition, the platforms also give access to free tools. It is a good thing to test both platforms beforehand and then decide on one. Alongside development and startup, there is no cost for coding either on these platforms. However, the difference or cost comes when you want to publish your work. Apple charges its users $100 per year. This cost can rise with enterprises. But Android is cheaper at just $25 as a one-time payment. 

  1. Store Acceptance 

Application developers have to wait for a different period before seeing their content on the store. Each platform offers different waiting and testing periods alongside methods. Some users find themselves in the middle of a long waiting period. And after a while, they find their applications rejected. This is the case in Apple’s methodology. Apply does not tolerate errors and takes longer to judge an app. It undergoes extensive and detailed testing before accepting or rejecting an app. However, the method is simple and often works in a day in Android. Developers find errors in a day and can submit a response within a day. Thus, there is the least amount of time to wait. 

  1. Design Requirements 

Android differs from Apple or iOS in the design requirements likewise. For an iOS developer, the requirement by Apple is to present a clean outlook. Google is also developing different ways to ensure that the platform finds a uniform design style. But presently, there is no competition to Apple in this regard. That is why developers have to work hard in keeping the pattern unique and simple in iOS. Whereas it does the trick often when developing apps for Android. 

  1. Earning Considerations 

Apple users do not allow advertisements to disturb their usage. That is why most users remove the ads from the applications for decent usage. But this is not the priority or freeness in Android. Hence, monetization is a good source with Google. You can earn through Apple likewise but only if you advertise relevant products. You must give people fewer reasons to skip your or reject your ad. Another popular way is to go for paid applications. That is proving a valuable trick for most application developers likewise. 

However and whichever platform you select, there will be restrictions and positives. It is the developer that considers which of these give ample opportunities to them. 

Source:  Verschillen tussen IOS en Android App Ontwikkeling?