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Navigating the world of Dollar General’s employee policies, particularly the dollar general employee policy, benefits, and opportunities, can be both exciting and challenging. This article aims to provide you with an insider’s view of the company, helping you understand what it’s like to work at Dollar General and how to make the most of your experience as an employee. Let’s dive in and explore the ins and outs of this popular retail chain!

Key Takeaways

  • Understand and adhere to Dollar General’s policies on work hours, dress code, and code of conduct.
  • Take advantage of benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans & discounts.
  • Utilize the Employee Handbook for guidance in understanding company expectations & communication strategies.

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Understanding Dollar General’s Employee Policies

Being a Dollar General employee, such as an assistant store manager or a store manager, requires familiarity with the company’s policies and meeting the company’s expectations. These include work hours and scheduling, dress code and appearance, and code of conduct.

Understanding these policies helps you maintain a professional image and contribute positively to the company’s overall success.

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Work Hours and Scheduling

At Dollar General, the standard operating hours are 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. The company believes in providing a flexible work schedule that allows employees to balance their personal and professional lives. To request time off or make changes to your work schedule, you’ll need to submit a request form to your supervisor or assistant manager. Communicating your needs and preferences is vital since Dollar General values work-life balance.

When it comes to work hours, full-time and part-time employees are eligible for benefits such as health insurance and paid vacation after a 90-day waiting period. This helps ensure that employees are taken care of and can focus on providing excellent service to customers during their vacation time.

Dress Code and Appearance

Dollar General employees are expected to maintain a neat and professional appearance at all times. This means:

  • Wearing clean, hole-free clothing in neutral colors like black, gray, navy, or khaki
  • Closed-toe shoes are also required for safety reasons
  • Accessories should be kept minimal and non-distracting

In addition to clothing requirements, employees should maintain a well-groomed appearance. Hair should be clean and orderly, while facial hair should be neatly trimmed. By adhering to the dress code and appearance guidelines, you contribute to a professional and welcoming environment for both customers and colleagues.

Code of Conduct

Dollar General’s code of conduct is designed to ensure a safe, respectful, and ethical workplace for all team members. This means that employees are expected to:

  • Treat each other with respect
  • Maintain honesty and integrity in all interactions
  • Comply with all applicable laws and regulations
  • Adhere to safety guidelines
  • Help maintain a secure work environment.

Bear in mind that Dollar General operates on an ‘at-will’ employment basis, reflecting the at will nature of the relationship, allowing either the company or the employee to terminate the employment at any time, with or without cause. By following Dollar General’s policy, which includes the code of conduct, and maintaining a high level of professionalism, you can contribute to a positive work environment and minimize the risk of disciplinary action.

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Navigating Employee Benefits at Dollar General

To attract and retain quality employees, Dollar General offers a comprehensive benefits package, including health coverage, retirement plans, and discounts. Eligible employees can take advantage of these benefits after fulfilling certain criteria, such as working a minimum number of hours or completing a waiting period.

We will now examine the various benefits Dollar General employees can access.

Health and Insurance Benefits

Dollar General provides eligible employees with a variety of insurance options, including medical, dental, vision, and life insurance coverage. In addition to these core benefits, their employee health policy allows employees can also enjoy prescription drug coverage and access to a 24-hour nurse hotline. To support overall wellness, Dollar General offers resources such as online tutorials, in-person seminars, and a wellness program.

Health and insurance benefits are extended to both full-time and part-time employees who have been employed for at least 90 days, with some exceptions for certain employee categories. The costs associated with these benefits can vary depending on the chosen coverage, and discounts may be available for family members.

Retirement Plans and Savings

Dollar General offers a 401(k) retirement savings plan for employees, which includes the following features:

  • Employees can save and invest a portion of their salary on a pre-tax basis.
  • The plan features a company match of up to 4%.
  • There is a vesting schedule.
  • Employees have a variety of investment options.
  • The plan allows employees to take out loans against their 401(k) balance.

Participation in the 401(k) plan enables employees to secure their financial future.

In addition to the 401(k) plan, Dollar General also provides other financial benefits such as a stock purchase plan, employee discounts, and a tuition reimbursem*nt program. These additional benefits can help employees further enhance their financial security and achieve their long-term financial goals.

Employee Discount Program

The Employee Discount Program at Dollar General offers a 20% discount on purchases to employees. This discount can help employees save money on everyday items and enjoy the products they sell.

Employees cannot buy alcohol, tobacco, or gift cards with their discount. Furthermore, the discount card is not to be transferred to anyone else and any such attempt must have a writing signed by the employee.

To access the employee discount, employees must present their employee identification card upon purchase and may be asked to provide additional evidence of employment. Utilizing the Employee Discount Program allows Dollar General employees to enjoy substantial savings on a wide range of products, maximizing the value of their earnings.

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Advancement Opportunities within Dollar General

Dollar General is committed to supporting its employees’ professional growth and development. The company offers a variety of opportunities for employees to learn new skills, seek promotions, and advance their careers within the organization.

We will now review the resources available for training and skill development, as well as opportunities for promotion and career growth at Dollar General.

Training and Skill Development

Dollar General provides a range of training programs for its employees, such as on-the-job training, online courses, and in-person seminars. These programs cover topics such as customer service, safety, and product knowledge, ensuring that employees are well-equipped to excel in their roles.

In addition to formal training programs, employees also have access to online learning platforms like and can receive guidance and support from mentors and coaches.

Mentorship opportunities at Dollar General include one-on-one mentoring, group mentoring, and peer mentoring. Engagement in these programs enhances employees’ skills, fosters connections, and provides valuable insight into the organization. To access mentorship opportunities, employees can use the company’s online portal or contact their supervisor.

Promotion and Career Growth

Promotions at Dollar General are determined based on factors such as job performance, seniority, and the availability of positions. To request a promotion, employees must submit an application to their supervisor or manager, including a resume, cover letter, and any other relevant documents. To improve their chances of promotion, employees should strive to exceed expectations in their current role, demonstrate leadership abilities, and stay informed about the latest industry developments.

Employees can also learn about internal job postings by checking the company’s intranet, attending job fairs, or inquiring with their supervisors or managers. To apply for an internal job posting, employees must follow the same application process as for a promotion. Actively seeking training, development, and promotion opportunities equips employees to advance their careers within Dollar General and attain their professional objectives.

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Workplace Culture and Communication at Dollar General

Dollar General is committed to fostering a positive and inclusive workplace culture that promotes collaboration and respect among team members. Open and honest communication is highly encouraged, and employees are urged to share their opinions and ideas.

We will now delve into the strategies that foster a positive work environment and enhance communication skills at Dollar General.

Building a Positive Environment

Creating a positive work environment is essential for nurturing productivity and success within the company. To promote teamwork, employees can be given opportunities to collaborate on projects, engage in open communication, and have their efforts acknowledged. Respect is also crucial in the workplace, as it helps build trust, collaboration, and open communication among team members.

Inclusivity is another key aspect of fostering a positive environment at Dollar General. To achieve this, it’s important to create a safe and welcoming atmosphere for all employees, recognize and celebrate diversity, and ensure equal opportunities for everyone. Moreover, their flexible working hours policy allows employees to find the work schedule that best suits their needs while still contributing effectively to the team’s goals.

Focusing on teamwork, respect, and inclusivity allows employees to play a part in cultivating a harmonious and productive workplace culture.

Effective Communication Skills

Effective communication is crucial in the workplace for exchanging ideas, resolving disputes, and ensuring the successful completion of tasks. There are various forms of communication, such as verbal, non-verbal, written, and digital communication. To communicate effectively, it’s important to be clear and concise, actively listen, and show respect when engaging in conversation.

Honing effective communication skills fosters better relationships with colleagues, managers, and superiors. This not only leads to a more positive work environment, but also enables employees to share their ideas and address concerns with confidence. Ultimately, effective communication is a vital aspect of achieving success at Dollar General.

Handling Difficult Situations and Disciplinary Actions

At times, employees may face challenging situations or encounter disciplinary actions at work. It’s important to know how to handle these situations professionally and understand the disciplinary process at Dollar General.

In this section, we’ll outline strategies for conflict resolution and guidance on navigating the disciplinary process.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict resolution is the process of resolving disputes between two or more parties in a professional and amicable manner. When trying to resolve conflicts, it’s important to:

  1. Identify the source of the conflict
  2. Listen to all parties involved
  3. Explore potential solutions
  4. Agree upon a resolution
  5. Follow up to ensure the resolution is successful.

Some examples of conflict resolution strategies include:

  • Taking a pause from the situation to allow for a calming period
  • Engaging in open and sincere communication
  • Being open to compromise
  • Seeking assistance from a mediator or supervisor if necessary

Employing these strategies enables employees to resolve conflicts effectively and sustain a positive work environment at Dollar General.

Disciplinary Process and Consequences

The disciplinary process at Dollar General is designed to hold employees accountable for their actions and ensure that policy violations are addressed in a timely and effective manner. The process begins with a verbal warning and may escalate to a written warning, suspension, or termination depending on the severity of the violation.

If an employee violates a policy, they may face disciplinary action ranging from a verbal warning to suspension or termination, depending on the severity of the violation and at the company’s discretion. To avoid such consequences, employees should adhere to company policies and strive to rectify any issues.

When necessary, supplementary training, corrective action plans, or additional resources and support may be provided to help employees get back on track.

Navigating the Dollar General Employee Handbook

The Dollar General Employee Handbook is an invaluable resource for employees, providing detailed information on company policies, benefits, and expectations. Knowing how to access and effectively utilize the handbook can help you navigate your employment journey at Dollar General.

We will now discuss the process of accessing the handbook and how to utilize it as a reliable resource.

Accessing the Employee Handbook

Accessing the Dollar General Employee Handbook is easy – it can be found online via the Dollar General website. Alternatively, if you prefer a printed copy, you can request one from your local Dollar General store. Having the handbook readily available allows you to quickly reference policies and procedures, ensuring that you’re always up-to-date with company expectations.

Regardless of whether you’re a new employee or a seasoned team member, familiarizing yourself with the handbook and revisiting it periodically is crucial. This ensures that you’re aware of any policy changes and can remain compliant with company guidelines and applicable law. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to consult your human resources representative.

Moreover, if you are a small business trying to figure out employee laws for small business, the dollar general employee handbook can be a treasure trive of information helping you navigate employment laws.

Utilizing the Handbook as a Resource

The Dollar General Employee Handbook serves as a comprehensive resource for understanding company policies, benefits, and expectations. By effectively utilizing the handbook, you can:

  • Ensure compliance with company values and policies
  • Understand eligibility criteria and details of employee benefits
  • Take advantage of available resources for skill development and career advancement
  • Comprehend and assert your rights and responsibilities as an employee.

In addition to the policies and procedures outlined in the handbook, it also provides guidance on communication strategies, helping employees effectively share ideas and address concerns with colleagues, managers, and higher-ups. Using the handbook as a resource can provide employees with valuable insight and guidance to excel in their roles at Dollar General.


In conclusion, working at Dollar General offers numerous benefits and opportunities for personal and professional growth. By understanding the company’s policies, embracing the workplace culture, and maximizing available resources, employees can thrive in their roles and make the most of their time at Dollar General. Remember, the key to success lies in continuous learning, open communication, and a commitment to delivering excellent service. So go forth, and make your mark at Dollar General!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dollar General employee conduct policy?

At Dollar General, all employees are expected to maintain a professional and ethical standard of conduct, free from discrimination or harassing behavior.

Employees must sign and submit the Certification and Disclosure Form as part of their employment conditions.

How many vacation days do Dollar General employees get?

Dollar General employees receive 10 vacation days in their first 5 years of employment and 20 hours of paid vacation after 6 months, 40 hours after 12 months, and 80 after 2 years.

This generous vacation policy allows employees to take time off to relax and recharge, while still having the security of a steady job. It also helps to create a positive work-life balance, which is beneficial for both the employee and the employer.

What is Dollar General’s policy on calling in sick?

At Dollar General, there is no official policy for calling in sick; therefore, employees who are ill will not be compensated.

This lack of policy can be detrimental to employees who are already struggling financially and cannot afford to take a day off without pay. It can also lead to a decrease in morale, as employees may feel that their health is compromised.

Are Dollar General employees allowed to work alone?

Key Holders are allowed to work alone, while Sales Associates cannot.

My manager used to leave me by myself at the store from 8am to 5pm on Saturdays.

What are the work hours and scheduling policies at Dollar General?

At Dollar General, employees can enjoy flexible hours and work life balance with typical working hours of 8:00am to 5:00pm from Monday to Friday.

Retail Regulations: Dollar General Employee Policy - AirMason Blog (2024)


What is the dollar general employee policy? ›

Dollar General simply does not tolerate illegal or unethical conduct by anyone regardless of position. In the event of misconduct, Dollar General will take appropriate disciplinary action and may report the issue to the proper authorities.

What is the dollar general termination policy? ›

Bear in mind that Dollar General operates on an 'at-will' employment basis, reflecting the at will nature of the relationship, allowing either the company or the employee to terminate the employment at any time, with or without cause.

What is the dollar general code of ethics? ›

Serving Others means providing our customers convenience, quality, and great prices, our employees respect and opportunity, our shareholders a superior return and our communities a better life. To accomplish our mission, we must uphold the values that make our Company great: honesty, fairness and respect.

Are Dollar General employees allowed to work alone? ›

Yes. As long as you are atleast a key holder there is actually only a small window of time dollar general requires atleast two people to be in store and that is the last hour or so of business hours so your not counting the money alone in the store at the end of the night.

How to make a complaint on a Dollar General employee? ›

Jot down the details, because specifics are your secret weapon. Dollar General offers a three-pronged attack on employee injustice: The Phone: Dial 1-800-678-9258 and unleash your dulcet tones on their customer service department. Be polite, but firm.

What is ERC for Dollar General? ›

For any issues, comments, concerns, complaints or questions related to your employment, please contact the Employee Response Center (ERC).

Will Dollar General rehire you? ›

If you quit with no notice, you will not be rehired. No one, including Dollar General, will rehire someone who just quits with no notice. It means that you are unreliable, and not a good employee.

Can I quit Dollar General without notice? ›

Pro Tip: Dollar General doesn't require a notice period, but giving one keeps bridges unburned and ensures you get your final paycheck on time (those discount spatulas won't buy themselves!).

What is the termination policy statement? ›

A termination/separation of employment policy may also be referred to as an employee termination policy or termination of employment policy. This termination/separation of employment policy should include: Definitions of voluntary and involuntary dismissals, including specific reasons for each.

What did Dollar General get sued for? ›

A settlement has been proposed in a class action lawsuit alleging that Dollar General violated California Labor Code section 226 by failing to allow its retail employees in California to elect to receive their wage statements in printed form each pay period.

What does Lisa stand for at Dollar General? ›

B.O.B. reminds managers that they must observe the bottom of an associate's bag (Bottom of Bag). L.I.S.A. stands for “Look in Small Areas”, meaning that all small pockets and containers must be opened and verified.

How many vacation days do Dollar General employees get? ›

After 6 months you receive 20 hours vacation time. 1 week after one-year of employment. As a salaried manager, you get 20 hours of paid vacation after 6 months, 40 hours after 12 months, and 80 after 2 years. Decent vacation time.

What is the Dollar General controversy? ›

It has not been a great year for Dollar General. The chain was lambasted in an episode of "Last Week Tonight" where John Oliver highlighted the many problems in its stores which include significant labor issues. The HBO show, cast a harsh light on how poorly staffed the chain's nearly 19,000 stores are.

Can you be alone in the workplace? ›

While there is no specific law that prevents people from working alone, people working alone should not be at greater risk than other employees. Lone working is usually only suitable for lower-risk tasks, where the risks can be controlled by one person.

What is the penny policy at Dollar General? ›

Dollar General Penny Policy states that if a customer finds a penny item that the cashier should sell the item then remove all remaining items from the sales floor if there is any more.

How do breaks work at Dollar General? ›

What is the break policy at Dollar General? At Dollar General, you are entitled to a 30 minute break after 5 and half hours of work, with 15 minutes provided for any shift between 4-5 and a half hours.

Do Dollar General employees get bonuses? ›

Employees who also worked in a retail position during the fiscal year are eligible for a prorated bonus from each bonus plan. Note: Eligibility requirements must be met in each respective plan to receive a bonus from that plan.

Can Dollar General employees wear jeans? ›

Understanding Dollar General Dress Code Guidelines

At the budget grocery and convenience chain's thousands of American storefronts, employee uniforms consist of black pants or blue jeans, a black polo shirt with a collar, a black belt, and comfortable, slip-resistant shoes.

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