I bought 4 brand-name tech gadgets on Temu for work. Here's how it went (2024)

I bought 4 brand-name tech gadgets on Temu for work. Here's how it went (1)

Temu is the top shopping app in the Play Store and the App Store, beating out e-commerce powerhouses Amazon, Walmart, and Shein. According to Temu's reviews, some people say the items they received were cheaply made, broken, and unusable. Other shoppers say their products were good quality, reasonably priced, and exactly as described on the website.

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There's only one way to tell what the deal is with Temu's products: I had to try some of them myself. I put Temu to the test and bought a few electronics that would enhance my at-home work setup.

I tried Lenovo Thinkplus LP40 Wireless Earbuds, a Mofii Wireless Keyboard and Mouse, an HP Wireless Mouse, and Lenovo TH40 Wireless Headphones. Each product was under $40, so you're definitely not breaking the bank when ordering from Temu.

It took about 10 days for my items to show up on my porch, and they all came together wrapped in a giant, bright orange plastic parcel.

Lenovo Thinkplus LP40 Wireless Earbuds

I bought 4 brand-name tech gadgets on Temu for work. Here's how it went (2)

Coming in at the low price of $9.40, the Lenovo LP40 earbuds are true wireless earbuds with Bluetooth connectivity. Temu says they are water-resistant and are sourced directly from Lenovo. The LP40 earbuds come in five colors. In the box, along with the earbuds, are four replacement silicon bud tips, a charging case, and a USB-A to USB-C cord.

The LP40s connect to your phone when you raise both buds to your ears, and you can swipe the stem up or down to raise or lower the volume. You can tap the bud to play or pause the audio and summon your phone's voice assistant by long-tapping the right bud.

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For a pair of $10 earbuds, they're pretty impressive. They easily connect to devices and have about a 100-foot range. The LP40 buds are made of hard plastic, so I had to give my ears a break after about an hour.

They sound clear and can get loud, but withhold any deep or resonating sound, as heavy bass in these earbuds sounds crunchy. But, hey -- they were barely $10.

When I took a few calls with the LP40s, the person on the other end told me I sounded like I was underwater, and it was too distracting for them to continue a conversation with me. Because the LP40s don't take calls too well, I'd only suggest using them for listening to music, especially if you still want to hear your surroundings.

These earbuds would be an excellent starter tech gift for kids. The LP40s are affordable, come in fun colors, and are highly functional for their price tag.

Mofii Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

I bought 4 brand-name tech gadgets on Temu for work. Here's how it went (3)

Lately, I've been looking for a wireless keyboard to boost my remote work setup. I'm deep into the Apple rabbit hole and am always saving to buy a new Apple device, but I can't bring myself to spend $100 on a Magic Keyboard. So, I tried a Mofii wireless keyboard.

The Mofii keyboard set comes in eight colors and costs $23.48 and includes a matching wireless mouse. The mouse and keyboard use one USB-A connector, so you can use the mouse and keyboard once it's plugged in.

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Because I use a MacBook, I had to buy a USB-C to USB-A adapter ($20), and even with this added expense, it was still cheaper than a Magic Keyboard.

I liked this product; it's colorful, the mouse is nearly silent, and the keyboard's keys make a satisfying typing click. The Mofii keyboard doesn't have a numeric keypad, but to be fair, neither does the keyboard on my MacBook.

If you use a keyboard strictly for typing, and are looking for a wireless keyboard to match your personal aesthetic, the Mofii keyboard and mouse set could be the one for you.

HP Wireless Silent Mouse

It's hard to dislike a wireless and silent mouse. Of course, if you're looking for a gaming mouse, you'll need one with many beefed-up features, but that's not what we're going for here. If you need a mouse because using your trackpad is proving difficult, an affordable mouse like this one will work for you.

Or, if you're like me and use an Apple Magic Mouse, but sometimes don't want it to leave the house, you can try out an HP Wireless Silent Mouse. Temu says this product is sourced directly from HP.

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I don't have much to complain about -- or rave about -- with this HP mouse. It was under $10 ($9.48), it's essentially silent, and it gets the job done. And it came with a mousepad.

If you need an affordable backup wireless mouse for basic clicking and dragging, this one should do the trick.

Lenovo TH40 Wireless Headphones

I bought 4 brand-name tech gadgets on Temu for work. Here's how it went (5)

It can feel like hitting the jackpot when you've found a great pair of headphones under $100, and these over-ear Lenovo TH40s are easily the most impressive product I've tried from Temu.

They come in three colors, have active noise-canceling (ANC), Bluetooth connectivity, and are only $30 ($30.47). And like the LP40s, Temu says these cans come directly from Lenovo.

The TH40s aren't the highest quality regarding headphone material and structure. They're a little flimsy, and the headband doesn't have very thick padding. But the ear cups are soft and comfy, and the sound quality is really good for the price.

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They deliver a full-bodied and well-rounded sound, with little distortion at high volumes. The noise-canceling functionality eliminated all the background noise around me, like my A/C unit and my neighbor's lawnmower. Like the LP40s, the call audio could be better. My mom said I sounded far away from the mic.

On a full charge, I got about 20 hours of battery with ANC on, so I could probably squeeze another eight hours out of the TH40s with ANC off. There's also a 3.5mm headphone jack if you can't charge them up.

The TH40s would be great for a long flight or while having an intense workday at your desk. They're comfortable and foldable, and provide an enjoyable sound experience without breaking the bank.

Final thoughts and buying tips

I was more impressed with the products I tried from Temu than I thought I'd be. I've used my Mofii keyboard daily for about a week, and it's still going strong. I haven't swapped my AirPods Pro for the Lenovo LP40s, but you're shopping at the wrong place if you're looking for earbuds on Temu that can compete with Apple.

However, the TH40s are a slightly different story. Although I can't say they compare to Bose, Sony, or Sennheiser, they can certainly compete with Anker, Philips, or JBL.

I was surprised to see reputable brands like HP and Lenovo on Temu, and I'd suggest spending a little more money on their electronics than the much cheaper options you'll come across.

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I asked HP if the company's listed products on Temu are legit. An HP representative told me the company has no way of guaranteeing that the products sold on Temu in the U.S. are "from an authorized reseller or are authentic HP devices" because HP does not operate a direct store on Temu in the U.S.

So, you'll have to take the legitimacy of HP products on Temu with a grain of salt.

Look for products with thousands of reviews, and read them carefully. Temu has a sympathetic returns policy, but who wants to deal with returning items overseas? All the products I tested had at least 1,500 reviews and four stars.

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I bought 4 brand-name tech gadgets on Temu for work. Here's how it went (2024)


Is Temu product good? ›

Are the products on Temu good quality? Temu is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an average rating of two-and-a-half out of five stars. Many recent complaints about Temu on the BBB website say that items never arrived or took weeks or even months to arrive.

Does Temu sell real Lenovo products? ›

The Lenovo products that appear on Temu are indeed real. Temu, a booming online marketplace, prides itself on offering a wide range of authentic products, including those from well-known brands like Lenovo. They manage to do this by working closely with manufacturers and leveraging Pinduoduo's extensive supply chain.

What is the warning about Temu? ›

Cyber security experts have issued a warning against Chinese online marketplace megalith Temu's 'very dangerous' cash giveaway, claiming that it could lead to serious fraud. The retailer is offering users 'free' cash in exchange for new sign-ups - and hundreds of people are jumping on the bandwagon.

What not to buy on Temu? ›

Consider Skipping High-End Electronics and Brand Name Dupes

Also, while Temu is legit and safe to use, it's wise to skip on brand name dupes. These items might look like the real deal, but they usually can't match the quality of the genuine brand.

Why is Temu so cheap? ›

As mentioned earlier, Temu sources their products directly from manufacturers in China, cutting out the middleman and reducing costs. They also operate on a low-profit margin model, which allows them to offer products at prices lower than most retailers.

What is the Temu controversy? ›

This is not to say that Temu is a spotless site — recently, allegations of the company's breach of user data have arisen. Across the internet, there have been widespread claims of the app collecting user data. In addition, due to concern over data privacy, Temu faced a class action lawsuit filed in September 2023.

Is Temu safe to order from? ›

Is Temu legit? Temu is a legitimate company and a functioning e-commerce site, but it lacks accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is the standard for major retailers.

Is Temu a trustworthy site? ›

Temu is a legitimate company and a functioning e-commerce site, but it lacks accreditation from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), which is the standard for major retailers. Many of the tech items being sold on the site look like those manufactured by major companies like Dell or HP, but they're not authentic.

Is there currently a lawsuit against Temu? ›

Temu is currently the subject of two proposed class-action lawsuits filed last year in district courts in New York and Illinois.

Are products from Temu from China? ›

Temu products are mostly shipped directly from China. Here's a breakdown of what we know: Temu's Parent Company: Temu is operated by the Chinese e-commerce company PDD Holdings. Shipping: Temu offers heavily discounted consumer goods which are mostly shipped directly from Chinese factories or warehouses.

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