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A Look At Blueface And Chrisean Rock's Tumultuous Relationship - Nicki Swift (1)

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Warning: The following contains mention of domestic violence.

Blueface rose to fame in 2018 with his song "Respect My Crypn," but he soon started making headlines due to his rocky relationship with fellow rapper Chrisean Rock. In an interview shared by FemaleRap, Rock recalled meeting Blueface after she got into a harrowing car accident. While recuperating in a hotel room, she received a call from a friend suggesting she audition for a show. After sending in her video, Blueface contacted Rock right away, and she claimed he changed her life.

The show in question was "Blue Girls Club," which Blueface released on his OnlyFans account. The reality show followed girls whom the rapper invited to stay at his house for three weeks, during which a lot of drinking, dancing, and fighting occurred. "I was shooting a music video for 'Vibes.' Remember that time? I had girls fighting in the house in my music video, strippers. It's going up! That inspired the idea. Not the fighting part, but the litness of having a lot of different energies, auras, and vibes — and vlogging it. It's lit!" the "Disrespectful" rapper told Baller Alert. Unfortunately, the fighting was real, and Rock lost a tooth during a scuffle with Blueface's baby mama. He ultimately signed Rock to his record label, and the two began a relationship shortly after, which turned super messy.

Blueface called the cops on Chrisean Rock after she refused to leave his house

A Look At Blueface And Chrisean Rock's Tumultuous Relationship - Nicki Swift (2)

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Blueface invited Chrisean Rock and other women to stay at his house to film "Blue Girls Club," but he probably didn't intend to have permanent residents. In late November 2021, a video shared by The Shade Room on Instagram, with the caption, "It looks like there's some drama between #Blueface & his artist #ChriseanRock She claims he allegedly locked her in the bathroom, and she's been going live since airing out the drama." The video showed Rock refusing to leave Blueface's house, with her yelling, "I don't live here for free. I work." Blueface's manager, Wack 100, responded, "You don't work for s**t. [Blueface] dropped you a week ago! Two weeks ago!" The incident caused Blueface and his manager to fight as well, with Wack 100 telling the rapper, "On my dead homies, she gonna get up out of here one way or another."

Rock supposedly broke into the house at a separate time, and another video showed Wack 100 saying that she was lucky he didn't shoot her. Following his statement, Rock fired back with, "Actually, you lucky you alive. Why you still mad? I ain't going nowhere." She then claimed Wack 100 wanted to be Blueface and was, therefore, making all the drama about him.

Chrisean Rock was arrested for stealing Blueface's car

A Look At Blueface And Chrisean Rock's Tumultuous Relationship - Nicki Swift (3)

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In February 2022, Chrisean Rock was arrested in Vinita, Oklahoma, for having illegal substances on her with the intent to sell, along with stealing and hiding a car. Following the arrest, Blueface took to his Instagram Stories to state, "B**** stole my car [and] thought she was gone drive to Baltimore 25 hrs away. Dumba**. A thief is the worst thing you can be as a female. I'd have more respect for a prostitute."

The drama didn't end just there. Blueface shared a note that read "I love Blue – Rock" supposedly written in blood. A text chain between Blue and Rock was revealed, in which he warned her that he had reported the stolen car to the authorities. "You finna mess up yo whole life smh good luck police waiting for you at state line," one message from Blueface read. He also told her the car had a tracking device, but Rock seemed unbothered and replied, "NVM it's coo God got me."

Chrisean Rock got into an altercation with Blueface's mom and sister

The drama with Chrisean Rock and Blueface is never-ending. This time, the two allegedly got into a physical altercation with Blueface's mother, Karlissa Saffold, and his sister Kaliwae. In a now-deleted Instagram post, Saffold shared that both her son and Rock were the aggressors and wrote, "All I know is my son will never bring that person around my family ever again in life and that's all that matters. Carry on."

Blueface opened up about the fight on "No Jumper Clips" and claimed that the fight happened when he came home with Rock and her dog after she had been in jail. According to the rapper, his mom was living in the house with two other dogs and wanted to move out after Rock arrived with her pooch. When Blueface calmly told his mom to pack her things and leave, she switched her stance and said she needed to stay another month. At first, Rock tried to diffuse the situation, but after Saffold started throwing things, Blueface gave his girlfriend the green light to jump on his mom.

Following the brawl, Blueface took a video of Rock asking her why she beat up his family. "I beat her up, but I'm not happy about it." When he asked her about fighting Kaliwae, Rock responded, "I don't know what she was doing, but her and her n**** pulled my hair." Rock's aggression isn't that surprising considering her red carpet altercations.

Chrisean Rock and Blueface got into multiple physical fights

A Look At Blueface And Chrisean Rock's Tumultuous Relationship - Nicki Swift (5)

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Fighting seems to be the norm with Chrisean Rock and Blueface. In August 2022, the two got into a physical altercation during a night out in Hollywood. According to videos, Rock started the fight by grabbing Blueface's shirt and then hitting him in the face. He responded by smacking her back, and they continued to attack each other before calling it quits and walking away. As reported by TMZ, the fight happened earlier in the day when Blueface found out that Rock was talking to other guys.

Later that month, Rock and Blueface got into another physical fight, this time at a bar in Arizona. Rock was the only one who threw punches, however, and she was detained by security until the cops arrived. She was arrested and charged with trespassing, along with disorderly conduct, but not for assault. Blueface apparently had no hard feelings after getting socked by his girlfriend, as he was heard yelling, "Free Rock!!!"

Chrisean Rock accused Blueface of assault and then retracted her claims

A Look At Blueface And Chrisean Rock's Tumultuous Relationship - Nicki Swift (6)

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There was much more drama in 2022 between Chrisean Rock and Blueface. Rock shared a disturbing video on her Instagram Live in October, showing her battered face. While she didn't name Blueface specifically, it appeared that she was in a car with a male driving next to her. She accused the person of hitting her because she was texting another man. After the claims, she backtracked and told fans that Blueface hadn't attacked her but actually saved her after she tried to exit the moving vehicle. She stated that she had blacked out after drinking too much and wrote in her video, "Sorry guys I had a mental breakdown/bad trip with the liquor trynna jump out of a moving car on freeway. I will be working on my mental health n liquor habits."

Earlier that month, The Zeus Network had announced on Instagram that a reality show called "Crazy In Love" featuring Rock and Blueface's relationship would be airing soon. After the questionable incident between the tumultuous couple, fans shared their distaste for the show. "That Blueface & Chrisean show needs to be scrapped immediately. After the way he put his hands on her tonight, it's time yall stop glorifying abusive relationships and CANCEL IT!" a concerned fan wrote on X, formerly Twitter. Another shared, "Blueface need to go to jail. Chrisean needs to go to therapy. And everyone at the network that's promoting and producing that reality show can go to hell."

Blueface and Chrisean Rock clashed over custody of their baby

A Look At Blueface And Chrisean Rock's Tumultuous Relationship - Nicki Swift (7)

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Despite their roller-coaster relationship and Chrisean Rock announcing she was done with Blueface in October 2022, the two had a baby together, a son named after Rock. Blueface denied that he was the father and claimed Rock slept with several different men before she got pregnant. However, after Rock shared a pic of her newborn, Blueface seemed to be concerned for his son and slammed his on-again-off-again girlfriend in a now-deleted tweet. "Sad part about all this is she doesn't know we care about the baby more then her at this point she so selfish shes only worried about what she wants to do instead of what's best for the child 24hrs later literally I can't believe y'all thought a kid would change anything," the rapper wrote.

The drama continued in late September 2023 when Blueface shared a picture of his son's private parts on social media. His reasoning was to call out Rock for not addressing their son's hernia. The following December, Blueface took to his Instagram Stories to accuse Rock of leaving their son alone. "It's crazy, my son ain't got no parent at four in the morning. Nobody wanna watch him," the "Thotiana" rapper stated. After fans expressed their concerns over the baby, there were reports that CPS had been called to investigate Rock.

If you or someone you know may be the victim of child abuse, please contact the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-4-A-Child (1-800-422-4453) or contact their live chat services.

If you or someone you know is dealing with domestic abuse, you can call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1−800−799−7233. You can also find more information, resources, and support at their website.


A Look At Blueface And Chrisean Rock's Tumultuous Relationship - Nicki Swift (2024)


What did Blueface did to Chrisean Rock? ›

During an Instagram Live, Rock said Blueface put his hands on her. She appeared to have a bruised face while she emotionally detailed what allegedly happened. “The f–k. This is a busted lip.

Who did Chrisean name her son after? ›

Why Is Chrisean Rock Now Naming Her Son After Blueface? After saying that Blueface "is not a deadbeat," Chrisean Rock apparently decides on the spot that she's ready to change the child's name from Chrisean Malone Jr. to Jonathan Jamall Porter Jr. in honor of the baby boy's father.

How did Chrisean Rock lose her front tooth? ›

Upon falling she hit her face causing her tooth to fall out. After the incident occurred the rapper gave her the money to fix the tooth. She told The Shade Room, “Blueface paid for everything, for my permanent replacement.” Though she went well over a year before actually deciding to repair it.

How many kids does Blueface have? ›

Blueface has three children.

What did Chrisean change her baby's name to? ›

What Is Chrisean Rock Changing Her Son's Name To? She revealed that she's changing her son's moniker to Jonathan Jamall Porter Jr. after Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter.

How did Chrisean get famous? ›

Career. Malone halted her studies and began appearing on an OnlyFans show, called Blue Girls Club, by living in rapper Blueface's mansion for a month to showcase herself on his platform. Blueface had 7 million followers on Instagram and offered women the opportunity to make a name for themselves.

Is Chrisean Rock getting back with Blueface? ›

Chrisean Rock Is Now Living Back In Blueface's House

Shortly after Blueface turned himself in, Rock announced she was ditching the multi-million dollar crib she bought for herself to make use of her ex's house instead.

Why is Chrisean turning herself in? ›

According to TMZ, Chrisean's arrest stems from her having an active warrant in Oklahoma from an incident in 2022. This past March, Chrisean addressed the situation on Instagram Live, saying she is not going to turn herself in because she has better things to do, including raising her and Blueface's son.

Does Chrisean Rock have Blueface on her tooth? ›

Rock has a new tooth, but this time it has Blueface's picture on it. "I did it for you Daddy blueee," she wrote in the caption, along with the IG addresses of her two dental surgeons @dr. trevthomas and @daddyinspanish. The video has garnered over 300,000 views and over 3,000 likes so far.

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